How To Check If A Car Plate Number Is Original Or Fake

Car Plate Number

In this post, we shall learn how to check if your car plate number is original or not, making use of the road safety website.

I believe this is the first time you hear this, but know that so many people in Nigeria end up buying and riding cars with fake plate number without even knowing they do.

I urge you today to confirm the status of your plate number, also make sure that you know the status of a car plate number before acquiring it. Note that most cars with fake plate number are stolen cars, be warned.

Further research has just revealed a shocking revelation that at least 2 out of every 10 cars you see on the road with Abuja and Lagos plate numbers are fake.

Therefore to determine the authenticity of the plate number of your car, you must follow these steps below.

How To Check If Your Car Plate Number Is Original

  1. Navigate your web browser to and click on Verify Number Plate 
  2. Enter your car plate number in the space provided. E.g., “ABC952CP” and click on Verify button
  3. After this, the information will display right below the button. Because FRSC did not want the general public to see all details of the car registration, you will see only the name of your car and registration date.

If you have a fake plate number is either the plate number details will not be in the website database or a registration of a car which is not yours will appear.

Note that you have to verify your car first and foremost to sort yourself out with the FRSC before you even think of proceeding to the police for a tinted permit.

This is because you might end up having problems with them if they are the first to find out that you have a fake plate number.

This verification is only applicable to the plate numbers with this kind of format, ABC123AB, not AB123ABC.

In this part of the world, where most people buy fairly-used cars it is of utmost importance to verify the plate number of the car before paying for it, to avoid getting yourself into unnecessary problems.

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