How To Interpret Dreams Correctly Without Mistakes

Interpret Dreams

After reading this article, you will be able to interpret dreams all by yourself without asking questions, going online, or searching article related to the subject matter.

Please note that this article is base on the author personal ideas, experiences and belief. Therefore we do not expect the reader to agree totally to it.

What is a dream

Before going into details, it is best to first understand what a dream actually is, so we won’t end up mixing the whole things up.

Dreams are stories, pictures, or sounds that we see or hear while sleeping. Our minds are capable of creating lots of visions while we are at sleep; this vision is called a dream.

Dreams can appear in different forms, it can be fun, entertaining, romantic, contradictory, frightening, disturbing, and sometimes it may appear to be strange.

In most cases, dreams don’t appear in detail. It may be confusing, unrealistic, or paradoxical in reality. This is why most people forget their dreams a few minutes after they wake up sleep.

The best way not to forget a dream is by telling someone about it almost immediately you have the dream. You may even choose to write it down immediately you wake up.

Dreams may look like an irony when you don’t understand it, or like the figure of speech called personification.

Dreams are some cases that are spiritual and need urgent interpretation.

Every dream has a meaning, but not all are necessary depending on the context.

The interpretation of a dream is best made by the dreamer when he or she has a little knowledge of dream meanings and interpretations.

You have to understand yourself and the kind of dreams you dream. While some people’s dreams always come to the past, others are just mere stories, almost having no meaning.

If you are the kind whose dreams always come to reality, you don’t need someone to interpret it for you. But just to do the needy. We will explain more about this while giving the tips the get the actual meaning of every dream.

Back then, after having a dream, I usually go online to search for meaning. But guess what! None of that interpretation ever manifested.

When you check dreams interpretation books, websites, or articles, you may find out that your dream is a positive one, meaning something good is coming your way. Some may be said to be bad dreams you have to pray against.

We always pray against bad dreams we had but hardly pray to claim the good ones. Most good dreams are just tendencies; there must be a force or declaration that will make it manifest.

Before proceeding, it will be necessary to understand the different types of dreams, for the perfect interpretation of dreams.

Why we dream

The video below will give you a visual understanding of why and how we dream.

Types of dreams

1. Repeated dreams

Repeated dreams should be taken very seriously more than any other. Once a similar dream keeps reoccurring, it is trying to signal or unveil something significant to you.

Whether you are able to interpret the dream or not, you still have to pray about it. If possible, embark on fasting, depending on your religion.

For instance, if you keep seeing someone chasing you in a dream and you keep having related dreams, it is obvious that something is not right. And that is why repeated dreams must be taken seriously.

Please note that the face you see in the dreams might not be real, you don’t have to bear grudges against someone because you see them as a bad person in the dream at all time.

Dreams can be spiritually manipulated, using a good person’s face to portray evil just to make you have an issue with such a person.

Don’t just conclude from what you see in your dream, rather pray seriously about it.

2. Natural dreams

In Africa, we always relate some dreams to illness, such as malaria. When someone has malaria, there is a tendency of that person to start having seeing disturbing things in dreams with no correlation.

This is as normal as ordinary. Another of this kind of dream is the wet dreams teenagers often have. Wet dreams have a medical explanation, personally to me, it does not portray any evil

3. Nightmares

A nightmare is a negative dream, usually disturbing dreams associated with bad feelings, such as fear or anxiety. This kind of dream makes you uncomfortable.

Nightmares are related to the kind of dreams which certain people may scream out in reality.

Such dreams are common in people below the age of twenty, especially children below the age of 10 though it can happen at any age generally.

Nightmares are usually associated with evil, but you still have the power over it, which is prayer. You should have nothing to worry about occasional nightmares, but if a similar nightmare occurs, then you really have to take it seriously.

4. Event dreams

By event, we mean dreams that are related to some kind of recent event or based on one’s current state of mind. It is possible to see things we are thinking about or things we fear in a dream.

For instance, we can have a related dream about someone we were thinking about before we fell asleep. Likewise, if we fear the death of someone very close to us, we may end up seeing such a person in our dream.

We don’t have to worry about the dreams of this kind of nature. They are normally related to our state of nature or imagination.

Steps to interpret dreams

1. The type of dream

The dream type is the first thing to consider to know if there is a necessary interpretation for it or not.

I have carefully explained the types of dreams. Every dream must fall into at least one of the dream types listed above.

If for instance, if your dream falls into the “natural dreams” category, it’s not necessarily trying to dig into the meaning because it may be completely meaningless. The same applies to the kind of dreams we included in our “event dreams.”

If your current state of health is responsible for your dreams, go to a doctor so he can prescribe some drugs for you if necessary, and stop chasing shadows.

2. The dreamer

Knowing yourself as the dreamer will go a long way to understand a dream better than anyone else.

There are some people who see things in their dream before it occurs. To these people, their dreams can be a message from God. It can also be a warning or an indication.

If you fall into this category of dreamers who have such a gift, you already know the meaning of your dream in most cases. You can as well relate it with your pastor, so there can be a divine declaration or cancellation to it.

But if you are not among the category of people who get a direct message from dreams. Then there are further things you have to do to be able to get the real meaning of the dream. Keep reading.

3. Your mood immediately you wake up

Your mood is very important if you want to interpret your dream by yourself.

  • If you wake up scared or furious is definitely not a good indication, you probably must have had a nightmare.
  • If you scream out of the dream, it is also not a good indication. You must proceed further to get the meaning of the dream, especially when it is reoccurring.
  • If you wake up and your mood is alright, and you can remember the dream you just dreamt in detail, then you don’t have much to worry about, just do the needy.
  • If you wake up happy and smiling, it’s a good indication. Claim the dream immediately; it is likely a positive one.
  • If you wake up sick, with high fever or with goosebumps, that dream is probably a strong indication. The details and what you do thereafter matters a lot.

4. Details of the dream

At the time, you wake up if you can’t remember anything about the dream. In most cases, you are probably okay. Just say some prayers and go back to bed.

If the dream is positive, that is its something you love. For instance, you saw yourself buying a new car. Don’t just fold your hands and expect it will come to pass; you have to use prayer as a weapon to claim the car.

If the dream is a negative one, the best weapon you have is still prayers.

For instance, so many people believe that eating in the dream is a sign of witchcraft. Use prayer and faith the convert that dream food to heavenly manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

This article was able to clear most of the faq about the subject matter.

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