Safety Travel Tips To Go With For Your Next Holiday Vacation

Safety travel tips

The fear of identity thieves, purse snatchers, kidnappers and other dangerous criminals are some of the major obstacles and fear most travellers have to face before they arrive at their destination.

However, there are safety travel tips to avoid locals taking advantage of you. Especially when you are travelling alone. I travel a lot, and from personal experience, I haven’t experienced any security traits. Thank goodness, but I always hold firm to some international travel safety tips. I’m sure they are the best you can ever find in any travel guide. See some of these tips below.

1. Avoid wearing flashy jewelry and wristwatches

If you are travelling alone or on a trip with friends and families, please don’t wear jewelry or wristwatch that are too expensive. Similar to the sayings “wealth doesn’t hide.”

It will be difficult to rate your dress, but criminals can easily rate your gold jewelry and diamond wristwatch is one quick way to make yourself a victim of a robbery. If you feel these possessions are not safekeeping them at home, then you should travel safely by leaving it with trusted friends and family members.

2. Drink responsibly

This is one safety travel tips you really should take seriously. Nightlife in Las Vegas and other top holiday vacation destination is magnificent, and something you will like to experience.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with entertaining yourself with nightlife, but remember the golden rule “drink responsibly.”

When you travel a new city for the first time, there is every probability of getting lost or end up in a dangerous neighbourhood, and when you are drunk you are vulnerable to robbery, scams, kidnap or even something worse.

3. Be smart on spending and keeping your money safe

Nowhere in the world is considered a hundred percent safe more reason you should stay safe while travelling. The right resource of travelling safety tips information will make you understand it isn’t advisable to move around with huge amounts of cash.

Preferably open a domiciliary account with an international bank or a reliable credit card company. This will give you easy access to local ATMs or pay bills easily using your credit cards.

An alternative safety tip for withdrawing a large amount of money at once to avoid inconvenience is to have bulk locked up in your safety luggage and hide it in your hotel room. Then you can plan your daily expenses from it and stay safe while away. Please avoid keeping all your money in one place.

You can share it into three or four places, the same applies to your credit cards. This is the best safety tips ever you should follow in order not to go stranded when one of your stashes is stolen.
You have to be sensitive enough to use ATMs attached to banks because it is well secured and not easily accessible by scammers compared to POS and other withdrawal outlets.

4. Beware of Dangerous neighbourhood

As earlier mentioned, no destination is a hundred percent safe, but some cities are worse. Make a thorough research on places you intend to visit to understand the nature of the locals. I’m sure you will get lots of reviews from us or another reputable travel blogs online.

This is a great way on how to stay safe while travelling. You also have to be mentally and emotionally stable, because these scammers can be so tricky. Some will temper with your emotions using children’s sympathy to scam you. You stand a better chance to play save if you did enough research and aware of such an emotional trick before arrival.

5. Always go with your phone and know the phone numbers for emergency services

You can’t be too careful enough of being safe all the time when you travel alone to somewhere new.

I advise you follow these safety tips for solo travellers that say a “stitch in time saves nine” Learn the habit of moving around with your phone with call credits and emergency service numbers. Who knows what will happen at the next moment? More reasons it is called an emergency.

You can get the phone numbers from their official websites, or from your travel agent. Make sure you have these numbers before departure.

Better safety tips while planning for a holiday trip is to locate your country’s nearest embassy before leaving your country. If possible write to them in detail and save their phone numbers. This should help for quick access in case an emergency arises.

6. Use the right bags and luggage

How to travel safely should be one question you shouldn’t avoid when planning a solo trip, and this includes safety bags and luggage. Try to understand not all beautiful luggage can keep your belongings safe.

From my experience, cross-body bags are a bit safer than hand or shoulder bags that easily be snatched. If you read reviews on top luggage and bags online, you will learn from people’s experience on specific brands with strategic safety features, slash-proof straps, locking zippers, RFID blockers, etc. It’s better to invest in the right safety bags that will keep you safe as you travel the world.

7. Travel with door stoppers and locks

If your holiday travel is on a small budget, and you plan to stay in a hostel instead of a hotel, then go with door stoppers and locks to save yourself a few bucks. This is one safety tip for travelling abroad that will protect your bag and other valuables from thieves. If possible go with customizing locks that will raise alarm if tempered with wrongly.

8. Keep important copies of your documents safe

When travelling to an unknown destination for the first time, please note your most valuable credentials are your passport and other travelling documents.

In case you fall victim to robbery, presenting a duplicate or digital copy will make the entire process of replacements fast and easy.

Are you a traveller or you have something special to add to this list, please use our comment session below, telling us your safety experience.



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