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5 Steps To Plan International Holiday Vacation


Do you find it difficult for planning your holiday travel? I know the entire process can give you a headache, especially when you do away with the service of a travel agent to cut down cost.

Planning a vacation shouldn’t cause you pain. That’s why I’m creating this post to show you simple steps and great system you can adopt top to plan your next international holiday vacation.

I enjoy travelling a lot, and at such, I enjoy planning an international holiday vacation. The entire process begins with a well-formatted calendar, flight info from their official website and special dinner reservations.

You can take a look at the itinerary I recently prepared for my next trip to Las Vegas. It contains detail information on weather and airport lounge information.

1. Choose your dream holiday location

Deciding where and how to travel is a bit difficult, you have to consider your circumstances especially your level of income, the scale of your budget (a solo trip or travelling with family and friends).

Does your annual leave tally with your vacation planning date? Are you on a travel budget and will prefer somewhere close and save your self extra bucks for flying? Your answers to these questions may break you, but it’s okay! All I wanted is to provide you with some realistic situation where you can frame out something meaningful. What you will end up doing with this info is entirely up to you.

2. Ask for recommendations

If you believe the best way to plan your next holiday vacation is through a travel agent, then you can easily ask for their recommendations. I’m sure you will like the outcome.

Family members who are great travellers can also help with planning a vacation. You can also check out with few friend friends you trust as great sources of inspiration to plan your vacation.

3. Social media

The use of social media has gone beyond snapping good photos and uploading to get likes, comments and follows. To the best of my knowledge, nearly all travel agents have a page on Facebook and other popular social media platforms.

You can like their page and follow them to get the latest updates on planning vacations and awesome holiday destinations.

I personally enjoy using Instagram’s ‘collections’ because the feature can help you save people’s photo according to their locations. No doubt, the use of Instagram has improved the travel industry.

It makes beautiful holiday destinations discoverable. From my personal research, tourist is getting swamped with so many people who wants to duplicate the ones they saw on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Sometimes photographs during holiday travels are not necessarily to duplicate pictures on Instagram; it could be leveraging on a new collection from place to place for others to copy. Whichever way, both processes help in the discovery of existing and new places when travelling during the holidays.

4. Pick a perfect time when planning a trip

It is not enough to ask friends and take recommendations from social media when you’re planning your holiday travel. It’s is very important you stay flexible for time. A more interesting fact is that the time you travel is as important as where you travel.

Your timing could save you extra cash like thousands of dollars in airfare and hotel bookings when you travel at the right time.

Let’s say you plan your vacation on a 7-day trip from New York City to Cabo, and flight from July 6th to July 13th cost $500, and in two months later, which is September the price is $900.

Time is a crucial factor in your steps to planning a vacation destination. More reason you should be more flexible with your travel plans if you truly desire to travel on a budget. You also need to be specific with your travelling date.

Let’s say you are going to Vegas on holiday vacation; if you travel during weekends, you will have to pay a higher rate to board a plane. There is no logic for reducing this fare, other than moving from Mondays to Wednesdays.

However, there are three steps you to planning the right timing for vacation.

  • During peak season: This is the exact time of the year when most people are on holidays and free to travel with friends and family members. Tourist centres are always filled up, because of the friendly weather and holidays surrounding it. I don’t think this is an ideal time for you to travel because flights and accommodations rates are outrageous during this period. You can take advantage of.
  • Off-peak season: During this period tourists aren’t much in tourist centres. Trust me, you will have to pay less for flights and accommodation during this time.
  • Shoulder season: Planning vacation during shoulder season, which is the time between the peak and off-peak season. This is the perfect timing to take advantage and enjoys the benefits from both seasons. From my experience, it is a nice time to travel and enjoy your dream holiday vacation. It gives you the privileges of enjoying good weather at a perfect holiday vacation spot, in addition to the low cost of flights and accommodations.

5. Weather

If you are planning a vacation to Africa then you should worry less on weather, because the weather is almost the same all through the year, except from September to February when there is dry harmattan.

On the contrary, if you are travelling to European countries, Asia countries among others, you have to make the weather a major determinant in your plans. Let’s say you intend travelling during the summer period.

During this time all vacation destinations and tourist centers are filled up. The beaches, cruises, hostels, and everywhere you can find outdoor activities. You should plan travelling this period if you can afford it because you will enjoy the friendly weather.

When planning that perfect holiday vacation, please consider these five factors in order to enjoy your stay. You can also add to this list using our comment session below.



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