Top Safety Tips For Solo Travelers


When people talk about travelling solo and the mistakes they’ve made, about 80% of it covers safety considerations. Solo travel is less expensive and highly rewarding. It’s a life-changing experience that refreshes the mind. But it could sometimes be dangerous without knowing the guide to travelling alone.

Travelling alone can be so intimidating, especially for solo female travellers. But the good thing is, the number of people travelling alone has increased tremendously. From existing statistics, women who travel solo returns confidently and more independent.

It is challenging to convince friends, relatives, or family members to go with you. More reason for you to explore different parts of the world using the best tips for travelling alone.

1. Don’t look too nervous at arrival or departure

It is normal to look nervous when you arrive at your destination. It will take some time to regain self-confidence and become more comfortable discovering new trends by yourself. However, you don’t have to look lost and confused to avoid the wrong attention. For the main time, try to compose yourself without looking vulnerable.

With time you will develop natural confidence; don’t forget always to seek help when you feel uncomfortable. Be careful not to confuse confidence with cockiness or to be careless in emergencies. This guide to travelling alone applies more to solo female travellers.

From what I’ve learned from my solo-travel, I would say, everyone has to be extra careful in their arrival and departure night. These at the two significant events you want things to go well because you are curious to experience things in your research, especially when it’s a dream holiday vacation centre.

Following the tips on travelling alone, you are required to put your security and that of your luggage first. Always learn to take things easy on yourself.

2. Don’t avoid your own company

Travelling solo doesn’t mean you should prevent relating with locals completely. You are free to make new friends, share ideas and exciting moments. But in all these, don’t avoid keeping self-company to avoid being counterproductive, because you wish to achieve something travelling alone.

This is another excellent way to going alone to find yourself and answers to the unknown.

3. Always remember what you intend doing alone

Part of the tips for travelling alone is to document your purpose of going before departure. The reason for this is to avoid being distracted with the level of fun. You definitely would meet interesting people, but there is an essential task to undertake yourself.

Some of these activities may be sensitive research or something of special interest or things that may not be of interest to your new friends. It may be a discovery from speciality museum or some physically challenging activities, trust me not everyone is goal-oriented to partake in such activities.

4. Don’t get over-intoxicated to nightlife

From my experience being a travel blogger for years, the nightlife is entertaining, and if you are not careful enough, you might lose a huge amount and your belongings. See it wise as keeping extra cash on you and keep your tabs on your bar tab if you can’t control yourself.

Drink responsibly to avoid being a victim of robbery getting into some serious trouble.

5. Be sensitive to potential danger

How to travel alone is one universal question solo travellers ask, and one way you can undertake this task is to react quickly to impending dangers. The risk of going without knowing what to do when travelling alone could be hazardous, compared to travelling with friends and family members.

Similar to the famous saying, “Two heads are better than one.”

6. Don’t over-schedule things

Over-scheduling a trip and truncate your purpose of travelling alone. It makes you feel more of a failure when a vital task is not accomplished because of little tasks.

Remember you are responsible for your travel plans, execution including all the tedious activities. With proper planning and scheduling of travel plans, you could avoid unnecessary tasks such as finding a store to buy toothpaste, razor, locating the nearest atm, trying to figure out latest train schedule and lots more.

Always remember your main reason for travelling alone and avoid over-scheduling to make your journey possible. It also reverses excess strength for you to partake in tedious outdoor activities that require lots of energy.

7. Learn to book a reservation online ahead of time

Standing in train stations is time-consuming, the whole issue is worse when you are standing alone. Only a few can endure this. Security-wise, it isn’t safe. Following the tips of travelling alone, try to book your reservation ahead of time.

You can do that online in most developed countries to avoid the long wait. This travelling guide is also applicable to non-solo travellers. But it is worse waiting without having anyone around.

8. Don’t fail to have a backup plan

Another special safety tip for solo travellers is to have a fallback plan. Most times, things don’t go as planned, and the chances of this getting worse are on the high side when you plan your trip alone to non-familiar destination.

For this reason, it’s crucial to keep close communications with friends, family members, or someone you can confide on, by telling them your next move and where you are heading. You can send emails or messages on social media for easy and fast communication.

9. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Travelling alone at a very young age, especially for solo-female travellers can be so gruelling.

So, it would help if you prepared for the task squarely before departure. You can make things easy for yourself by renting a car at the airport before arrival, to avoid moving from one taxi to another, which isn’t safe for your belongings.

Book direct flights to avoid too much stress, and book hotel close to an attraction centre where you can cool off anytime.

10. Don’t be shy

Young people are timid when they come across locals. Solo travel requires so much courage to meet, interact, and find out details about people. Being shy will make people take advantage of you, and this could lead to dangerous security traits as a solo traveller.

Have you tried travelling alone before, or it’s your next holiday plan? Please let’s hear your experience as well as your fears in our comment session below.


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