How to Change or Update BVN Details

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In this article, you will learn all the necessary ways to update or change your BVN information.

Since the introduction of Bank Verification Number, aka BVN, transaction crimes have reduced drastically.

The BVN brought about dual Verification of details provided to the banks. Opening a bank account now is not as easy as it uses to be.

Before one can open a bank account in Nigeria now, they will have to provide their BVN.

If the person doesn’t have a Bank Verification number yet, they will have to first enroll for it.

If at any point, the detail provided to the bank does not tally with what you have your BVN, the bank may not accept it.

Personally, to me, “I see people’s BVN as their account number with the central bank.” Since everyone’s local bank account is linked to the BVN, it can be used to know the sum they all have in Nigeria banks.

The information on your BVN supersedes every other detail the bank may ask you to provide. It is why in many cases, people will want to change, update, or correct the BVN details.

It doesn’t cost anything to update your Bank Verification Number. Simply go to the bank and request for the BVN update form. Fill the form with the right information and back it up with evidence, that the information you provided is the correct information.

Likely Mistake to Correct on BVN

1. Change BVN date of birth

To change your BVN date is birth is straightforward. All that is need is a prove to that regard. For the date of birth, your birth certificate is the primary document that will be required.

If you can’t provide your birth certificate, then you can sue an affidavit to that regard.

2. Change your BVN name

The major reason that can make one want to change their BVN name is marriage. In this part of the world, after every successful marriage, wives always want to change their surname to that of their husbands.

If you walk into the bank and request a name change on your BVN details, before this can be executed, you will be asked to provide your marriage certificate as evidence of the marriage. In some cases, it may accompany an affidavit.

3. Correct misspelled BVN name

In most cases of misspelled names, the error always comes from the bank. That is, the person who imputed your details.

When you realized this error, you will have to sue an affidavit and take it to the bank together with the BVN update form, before the update will be initiated.

Frequently asked questions on BVN

1. How long will it take to change your BVN name?

Once the necessary requirements have been provided, it takes within 24 hours for the change to take effect.

2. What is required to change the BVN name?

The only thing that is required to change a BVN name is any legal evidence. In the absence of that, an affidavit will be accepted.

3. Where can I change my BVN details?

The only place to change BVN information is the bank. Simply walk into any commercial bank and request to change BVN details. You will be told how to go about it.

4. My BVN name is different from what is in my ID card, how do I correct it?

First, you will have to know which is the correct one and the wrong one. If the name on the ID is incorrect, you can go and correct it from where the card was provided.

But if the BVN name is the wrong one, walk into any commercial bank, preferably the one you have an account with, go with an affidavit and request for change of BVN name.

5. My BVN date of birth is wrong; what do I do?

Go to the bank with your birth certificate. In the absence of that, an affidavit will be required.

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